I’m a Blue Ridge Marathon Ambassador!

Last year I ran the Blue Ridge Half Marathon, and I loved it so much I applied to be an ambassador this year. I figured since I do marketing for a living I would be a good fit, and apparently they thought so too because they picked me!

However, this isn’t good news just for me, it’s good news for all you party people out there, because I can get you a discount! #friendswithbenefits Continue reading “I’m a Blue Ridge Marathon Ambassador!”


Book Review: Alexander Hamilton’s Guide to Life

How does a bastard, orphan,
son of a whore and a Scotsman
dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in the Caribbean 
by providence, impoverished in squalor, 
grow up to be a hero and a scholar?

The fact that I can type that from memory should be an indication of just how much I’m obsessed with love the musical Hamilton. When I was given the chance to read and review this book, I practically jumped at the chance. Continue reading “Book Review: Alexander Hamilton’s Guide to Life”

10 Reasons to Love the Virginia Ten Miler

One of my most favorite races of all time is just a week away! Next Saturday, the roads of Lynchburg will be shut down for the 43rd annual Virginia Ten Miler. This will be my 4th year running it, and I’m still just as excited as the first time (although I may complain a little more now). To celebrate, here’s ten reasons to love this race.

Continue reading “10 Reasons to Love the Virginia Ten Miler”

Book Review: Braving It

To me, the mark of a good adventure book is that it makes you want to put down the book, book a ticket, and go explore the place it talks about. When I read Wild, I was so ready to go hike the PCT that I solo hiked a local trail the next weekend (in a thunderstorm. Maybe not my best idea). I have yet to find a book that has gotten me that pumped about the AT but we’ll keep trying. Continue reading “Book Review: Braving It”

Shuck it Up, Buttercup

This weekend a hurricane hit the East Coast.

Her name was Hermine, and she made for one interesting weekend.


Morgan and I left Lynchburg. Our traveling party was already down 2 people due to the hurricane but we decided that as long as Rock n Roll was keeping the races on, we would make the trek to Virginia Beach. Continue reading “Shuck it Up, Buttercup”