Who Run the World? Millennials.

First off, I hate that word. “Millennial” has come to be a derogatory phrase. And that is exactly what sparked this post.

This past weekend while running the Blue Ridge Half Marathon, I overheard a conversation a group of middle-aged men were having. They were talking about their work week had gone and one piped up and said, “I went to a conference on Millennials. They’re all just awful. They don’t want to work for anything- they’re so entitled. They want a 4 year management position in 2.”

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You Run Hills, I Run Mountains (Blue Ridge Half)

This past Saturday, April 16, I finished my 13th half marathon.

Until now the Deep Hollow Half Marathon of 2014 has held the title of hardest half I’ve completed, but it was dethroned this weekend by the Blue Ridge Half Marathon.

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