3 Halfs, 3 Weekends, 3 States: Race 13.1 Fayetteville

This weekend kicked off a little mini challenge I have over the next 3 weekends: 3 Halfs, in 3 Weekends, in 3 States. It was going to be 6 back to back race weekends, but I realized that was a little crazy and decided to take it easy (haha).

This was my lifetime 18th half (#lj50by30), 8th half this year, and overall 8th Race 13.1 Event.

And I’m sad to say it was probably my least favorite event to date. Continue reading “3 Halfs, 3 Weekends, 3 States: Race 13.1 Fayetteville”

I Hate Marathons. So I’m Running My Third.

I did a stupid thing today and signed up for my 3rd full marathon.

If you’ve spoken to me at all since I ran the Marine Corps Marathon last year, you’ll know how much I have complained about that race. So much so, that I swore to not run a marathon during 2016. I tried it in 2014, hated it. 2015, hated it. This year, I was not going to put myself through the torture of training just to experience heartbreak again. 2016 was the year of the half marathon, with a Race 13.1 Season Pass being purchased, and a registration for my first RunDisney race(s) happening.

And then I became a Blue Ridge Marathon ambassador.  Continue reading “I Hate Marathons. So I’m Running My Third.”

Super Stay 24 Hour Color

On Tuesday night, I got my latest Influenster VoxBox in the mail. Okay, I got 2 of them, but more on that later. This particular box contained 2 colors of the new Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Lip Color: Constant Toast and Keep Up the Flame. The experience I’ve had with lipstick is that it comes off with my first sip of coffee, and I’m generally too lazy to reapply. I decided to put this one to the test for a true 24 hours to see if it did what it claimed.  Continue reading “Super Stay 24 Hour Color”

Book Review: Rad Women Worldwide

The latest book I received to review was Rad Women Worldwide: Artists and Athletes, Pirates and Punks, and Other Revolutionaries Who Shaped HistoryTo be completely honest, I only picked the book because it was the only one that looked remotely interesting in the list I was given to pick from, and the 2 reviews that had been posted about it on Blogging for Books were pretty good. Continue reading “Book Review: Rad Women Worldwide”

I Let My Husband Dress Me For a Week 

A few months ago I read this article where a BuzzFeed writer let her boyfriend dress her for a week. After reading it, I was inspired to try the challenge of letting Zach dress me for a week. Plus, picking out outfits day after day can get you stuck in a rut, and I’m always looking for ways to shake up my outfits. For some reason I kept pushing off asking him because I figured he would just think it was stupid and I secretly really wanted him to give it a try. Well, a few weeks ago I finally asked him and he said yes, much to my surprise. He actually might have been a little excited about it actually 😉 So all last week I wore the outfits he picked out for me, and I learned a few things about his fashion sense.

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