3 Halfs, 3 Weekends, 3 States: Race 13.1 Charleston

This weekend was the second stop on my 3 halfs, 3 weekends, 3 states tour: beautiful Charleston, South Carolina.  Continue reading “3 Halfs, 3 Weekends, 3 States: Race 13.1 Charleston”


3 Halfs, 3 Weekends, 3 States: Race 13.1 Fayetteville

This weekend kicked off a little mini challenge I have over the next 3 weekends: 3 Halfs, in 3 Weekends, in 3 States. It was going to be 6 back to back race weekends, but I realized that was a little crazy and decided to take it easy (haha).

This was my lifetime 18th half (#lj50by30), 8th half this year, and overall 8th Race 13.1 Event.

And I’m sad to say it was probably my least favorite event to date. Continue reading “3 Halfs, 3 Weekends, 3 States: Race 13.1 Fayetteville”

I Hate Marathons. So I’m Running My Third.

I did a stupid thing today and signed up for my 3rd full marathon.

If you’ve spoken to me at all since I ran the Marine Corps Marathon last year, you’ll know how much I have complained about that race. So much so, that I swore to not run a marathon during 2016. I tried it in 2014, hated it. 2015, hated it. This year, I was not going to put myself through the torture of training just to experience heartbreak again. 2016 was the year of the half marathon, with a Race 13.1 Season Pass being purchased, and a registration for my first RunDisney race(s) happening.

And then I became a Blue Ridge Marathon ambassador.  Continue reading “I Hate Marathons. So I’m Running My Third.”

I Let My Husband Dress Me For a Week 

A few months ago I read this article where a BuzzFeed writer let her boyfriend dress her for a week. After reading it, I was inspired to try the challenge of letting Zach dress me for a week. Plus, picking out outfits day after day can get you stuck in a rut, and I’m always looking for ways to shake up my outfits. For some reason I kept pushing off asking him because I figured he would just think it was stupid and I secretly really wanted him to give it a try. Well, a few weeks ago I finally asked him and he said yes, much to my surprise. He actually might have been a little excited about it actually 😉 So all last week I wore the outfits he picked out for me, and I learned a few things about his fashion sense.

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