During the month of August I really focused on yoga and improving my strength and flexibility. For part of that, I took part in the Runners Love Yoga Instagram challenge. I’ve compiled all my photos from the challenge into one place, mainly so I can see how I improve in the future. 

pendant pose
lolasana // pendant pose
bound half lord of the fishes pose
baddha ardha matsyendrasana // bound half lord of the fishes pose
downdog // adho mukha svanasana
lunge pose
lunge pose // anjaneyasana
wide legged forward fold
wide legged forward fold // prasarita padottanasana
staff pose arm balance
dandasana arm balance// staff pose arm balance
reverse plank
purvottanasana // reverse plank
boat pose
navasana // boat pose
wheel pose
urdhva dhanurasana // wheel pose