December Empties

There are a few things I’m banning myself from buying in 2017, mainly candles, hand soap, body wash, and lotion. I worked at Bath and Body Works for about a year, and I still have an impressive overwhelming hoard of products. For a while I kept buying more, but recently I’ve seen the light and decided to try to use up as much as possible in 2017. The rules are: I simply can’t buy a new product until I’ve used the old one up. To help keep myself accountable, I’m going to start monthly empties posts. And don’t worry, everything that can be recycled will be! Continue reading “December Empties”

Rejected Princesses

Quick, how many important women did you learn about in history class?

Now, think about all the men you learned about.

I bet the names of more men came to you than those of women. The truth is that there is a whole horde of women that you’ve most likely never heard of. In his book Rejected Princesses, Jason Porath hunts down the stories behind these women. Over 100 women are covered, and I’m ashamed to say that before reading the book I had only heard about a few of them. And that was after reading Rad Women Worldwide.

Continue reading “Rejected Princesses”

16 Things I Learned in 2016

As the year is coming to a close, I wanted to take the time to reflect on the things I learned this year. While 2016 has been a rough year for a lot of people, it was pretty awesome for me. We adopted a second dog, I got a new job that is perfect for me, and I traveled a lot. And since everyone loves lists, here are my top 16 things I learned this year. Continue reading “16 Things I Learned in 2016”

Leah’s Ultimate Christmas Wishlist

It’s almost Christmas! It’s this time of year when I remember getting the giant Toys ‘R’ Us catalog in the mail (complete with stickers I refused to use and hoarded for other “projects”) and would circle all the things I was even remotely interested in. I knew I wasn’t going to get even half the stuff, but it didn’t matter, the fun part was just looking.  Continue reading “Leah’s Ultimate Christmas Wishlist”