May Books

Another month has come and gone, and a bunch more books have been read! This month, I got a great idea for a new reading challenge, so stay tuned for more on that! In the meantime, check out what I read this month: Continue reading “May Books”


Reasons to Hire a Runner

There are plenty of reasons to date a runner (see here, here, and here), but a lot of us are happily married. However, being a runner and marathoner is one of the first things I mention in job interviews. Why? Because that one simple fact can tell your potential employer a lot about yourself. Most runners embody a lot of traits of great employees. Here are just a few of the reasons employers should hire more runners: Continue reading “Reasons to Hire a Runner”

April Books

This past month I knocked out a lot of books. I owe a big part of it to my marathon recovery week, where I think I read one a day. The best part of this month is that none of the books have any relation. There are business books, running books, a kids book, a cookbook and more! Read below to see what all I read and what I thought of them.  Continue reading “April Books”