I’m a Blue Ridge Marathon Ambassador!

Last year I ran the Blue Ridge Half Marathon, and I loved it so much I applied to be an ambassador this year. I figured since I do marketing for a living I would be a good fit, and apparently they thought so too because they picked me!

However, this isn’t good news just for me, it’s good news for all you party people out there, because I can get you a discount! #friendswithbenefits

Even if I haven’t ever met you, I’ll consider you a friend if you register.

So why should you register?

  • There are 3 distances to pick from, so if you aren’t ready for a half or full marathon, no sweat. (Okay, some sweat. It’s a metaphor.) There’s also the Star 10K.
  • This year race date is April 22, which means it’s prime time for perfect spring running weather.
  • After you finish, the party doesn’t stop. There’s a music festival after!
  • There are even more great reasons, but I can’t quite give them all away yet. So come back often for more info, including my decision of what race to run!

Okay, enough talk. I know some of you only came here for the discount code. Use BRMFRIENDS to save 15% on any distance, with no expiration date!