2018 Run and Ride Race Discount Code!

Hello friends!

Long time, no see. I promise I’m (finally) working on a Dopey recap for you all, but in the meantime, I wanted to share something exciting. I am a 2018 Run and Ride Race Ambassador!  Continue reading “2018 Run and Ride Race Discount Code!”


Philadelphia Marathon

Have you ever started something and just known that you would want to commit every detail of the moment to memory? The way you felt, the way the air felt, all of the sights and sounds of the moment? For me, that was the 2017 Philadelphia Marathon.

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Top Ten Things I’m Excited for in Philadelphia

In 22 short days, I’ll be Philadelphia bound for my 4th marathon, and for what I’m sure is to be an unforgettable weekend. While I’ve been to Pennsylvania (for about a day), I’ve never been to Philadelphia. My friend Morgan and I have compiled an (ambitious) list of things that we want to do while we are there, and I wanted to highlight the things I’m most excited for. So, here we go!  Continue reading “Top Ten Things I’m Excited for in Philadelphia”

Disneyland Half Marathon Recap

The time has come for the final installment of the 2017 Disneyland Half Weekend Trilogy. I still can’t believe that as I write this, it’s almost two weeks after the event is over. I may or may not be having Disneyland and RunDisney withdrawals right now, and am already obsessing over my countdown to the Dopey Challenge.  Continue reading “Disneyland Half Marathon Recap”