ProCompression Ambassador (and Discount Code!)

If you’ve been watching my blog for a while, you may have noticed that I wear some super fun apparel when running. One staple in my running wardrobe for the last few years has been ProCompression socks. I first found them on Instagram when I was training for my first marathon. I got a grab bag and instantly fell in love with them. Continue reading “ProCompression Ambassador (and Discount Code!)”


Martinsville Half Marathon (Discount Code!)

Hello friends,

Long time no see. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I promise that this year I will post a little more than last year. I have some exciting things that I want to talk about! Continue reading “Martinsville Half Marathon (Discount Code!)”


“I will always be The Optimist. The Hoper of Far-Flung Hopes. The Dreamer of Impossible Dreams.”

Looking back on 2018, I’m glad it’s over. This year was hard. Really hard. I wasn’t myself for a long, long time.

But, life is too short to be anything but yourself. So I’m ready to be back. To love life and the people in it. Be vulnerable. Live unapologetically. Say sorry. Be bold and do big things and go on crazy adventures.

The last few weeks of the year have been just the beginning.

2019, may you be the year of love.


How Tumblr Changed My Life

This is a blog that I’ve started and stopped about a hundred times in my head. I’ve joked that this topic would be my TED Talk if I was ever given the chance. For some reason, I’ve never taken the time to actually put down my thoughts. I think maybe, I was worried people wouldn’t like them, or would think they were dumb. Continue reading “How Tumblr Changed My Life”

Inaugural National Women’s Half Marathon

Back in June, I saw a Facebook post. The post was announcing that a new half marathon was starting in Washington DC, and to celebrate, bibs would be sold in tier pricing. 5 for $1, 10 for $5, 10 for $10, etc. The price went up in $5 increments, and the number of slots per price got bigger. I immediately sent the post to Morgan (because I am an enabler) and asked if she was in. We agreed that as long as we could get in for under $30, we would do it, because it would be a steal.  Continue reading “Inaugural National Women’s Half Marathon”

Blue Ridge Half Marathon 2018

Another Blue Ridge weekend has come and gone! This was my third year participating in a Blue Ridge race, and it was as fun as ever. You may remember that I ran the full marathon last year. Once was enough for America’s Toughest Road Marathon, so this year I opted for the half so I could check off another #lj50by30 race, making this half marathon #29! Continue reading “Blue Ridge Half Marathon 2018”

Martinsville Half Marathon

I’m finally out of my post-Dopey running slump, and I have another half marathon finish to prove it! Yesterday, I finished my 28th half marathon in Martinsville, VA. It was also my 25th birthday! Running a race on my birthday has been on my to-do list for a while, but since my birthday has been a week day every year since I started running, this was my first chance to make it work. Continue reading “Martinsville Half Marathon”

Dopey Challenge Part 4: Marathon Recap

This is part 4 in my Dopey recap series. You can read part one HERE, two HERE and three HERE.

At long last, the main event of the Dopey Challenge had arrived.

This was day 4 of waking up long before sunrise, standing in the cold, and running on a crowded course. The last day of costumes. The 25th Annual Walt Disney World Marathon.  Continue reading “Dopey Challenge Part 4: Marathon Recap”