RunDisney “I Did It” Cover Photos

As a follow up to my “In Training” cover photos, here are some to use after your race! Continue reading “RunDisney “I Did It” Cover Photos”


Blue Ridge Marathon Training Check-In, 2 Months to Go!

When I last checked in, I was about to run in a snow storm. This weekend, it’s 65 degrees and sunny. I keep checking the calendar to make sure it’s still February! I’m not complaining, though since this means more training in possible race day conditions.  Continue reading “Blue Ridge Marathon Training Check-In, 2 Months to Go!”

Disneyland Half Theme Revealed!

Yesterday, it finally happened. RunDisney broke the news of the “new and improved” Disneyland Half theme. Rumors have been circulating ever since registration opened in December and runners noticed that the Dumbo Double Dare Registration was replaced with Disneyland Double Dare for 2017. Continue reading “Disneyland Half Theme Revealed!”

My Favorite 2017 Super Bowl Commercials

You may or may not know that I work in Marketing when I’m not running (yes, I have a real job and I love it. I also really love football, so the Super Bowl is one of my favorite days of the year (even if the Steelers didn’t make it this year). I get to watch a high profile game and see some of the most expensive ads of the year. Here are all my favorites from this year in no particular order: Continue reading “My Favorite 2017 Super Bowl Commercials”

Dear 2013 Leah

Dear 2013 Leah,

It came up last week in my TimeHop that you finished the Arctic 5K 4 years ago. Yesterday, I finished it for the fifth time. Yes, it still sucks, but it’s gotten better. You’ve gotten better. And as we start our 4th year of running adventures, here’s a few thoughts for you. Continue reading “Dear 2013 Leah”