Dear 2013 Leah

Dear 2013 Leah,

It came up last week in my TimeHop that you finished the Arctic 5K 4 years ago. Yesterday, I finished it for the fifth time. Yes, it still sucks, but it’s gotten better. You’ve gotten better. And as we start our 4th year of running adventures, here’s a few thoughts for you. Continue reading “Dear 2013 Leah”


RunDisney “In Training” Cover Photos

I like to update my Facebook cover photo to reflect my next race. The problem is, a lot of races don’t have the appropriate graphics for this. Personally, I’m not a fan of the cover RunDisney makes, so I put my skills to good use and made a few for everyone to use. If you use it, please drop a link to my blog in the caption so others might use them too! Continue reading “RunDisney “In Training” Cover Photos”

What Do I Do With All My Race Shirts?

Fellow runners and t-shirt enthusiasts, you may be facing a problem. You may have an over abundance of t-shirts. Your husband (or wife) may complain every time you bring another one into the house. But, if you’re like me, you can’t let them go because each shirt contains precious memories you can’t part with. The good news is that I have a solution for you.  Continue reading “What Do I Do With All My Race Shirts?”

Blue Ridge Marathon Giveaway!

If you’ve been around a while, you know that I was chosen as an ambassador for the Blue Ridge Marathon. The BRM is affectionately known as “America’s Toughest Road Marathon” with a total elevation gain/loss of 7,430 ft . If that sounds a little scary, don’t worry, there’s an option for everyone! In addition to the marathon, the weekend also hosts: Continue reading “Blue Ridge Marathon Giveaway!”

Confessions of an Unlikely Runner

Sometimes, you find a book that sounds like it was written by you.

For me, Confessions of an Unlikely Runner: A Guide to Racing and Obstacle Courses for the Averagely Fit and Halfway Dedicated is that book. Also, it just happens to be the 150th book I read in 2016. (Yeah I’m a little behind on posting this review. Don’t hate.) Continue reading “Confessions of an Unlikely Runner”

3 Halfs, 3 Weekends, 3 States: Wine & Dine Half Marathon

How has it already been a week since this race? I feel like it was just yesterday!

To refresh, I ran the Wine & Dine Half Marathon as part of Lumiere’s Two Course Challenge (official challenge with RunDisney, see 10K recap here), but I also had my own mini unofficial challenge: 3 halfs in 3 states in 3 weekends. Continue reading “3 Halfs, 3 Weekends, 3 States: Wine & Dine Half Marathon”

I Hate Marathons. So I’m Running My Third.

I did a stupid thing today and signed up for my 3rd full marathon.

If you’ve spoken to me at all since I ran the Marine Corps Marathon last year, you’ll know how much I have complained about that race. So much so, that I swore to not run a marathon during 2016. I tried it in 2014, hated it. 2015, hated it. This year, I was not going to put myself through the torture of training just to experience heartbreak again. 2016 was the year of the half marathon, with a Race 13.1 Season Pass being purchased, and a registration for my first RunDisney race(s) happening.

And then I became a Blue Ridge Marathon ambassador.  Continue reading “I Hate Marathons. So I’m Running My Third.”

I’m a Blue Ridge Marathon Ambassador!

Last year I ran the Blue Ridge Half Marathon, and I loved it so much I applied to be an ambassador this year. I figured since I do marketing for a living I would be a good fit, and apparently they thought so too because they picked me!

However, this isn’t good news just for me, it’s good news for all you party people out there, because I can get you a discount! #friendswithbenefits Continue reading “I’m a Blue Ridge Marathon Ambassador!”