Training Check In and Disneyland Final Countdown!

Can you believe that this time two weeks from now I will have knocked out the first of three Disneyland races? Yeah, me either.

However, Disneyland is just the next step in the bigger goal of marathon #4: Philadelphia (and after that, the Dopey Challenge)

It’s been a while since I posted a training update, so I thought I would fill you readers in.

As I’ve mentioned before, this time around I am trying the Hanson Marathon Method. This means I run 6 days a week, and currently my runs average about 8 miles a day. However, the plan is getting a little crazy now. Last week, the plan called for 10 easy on a Friday. 10 easy on a Friday! Never in my life did I think I would be running 10 miles before work. Double digits used to be reserved solely for weekend runs.

Despite the early morning (hello, 4 a.m.), humidity (100% more often than not), and being tired all the time, marathon training is going well. I can definitely feel the “running on tired legs” training that Hanson promises. Tomorrow will be my longest run of this training cycle (15 miles) so we’ll see how that feels.

I recently (239 miles ago, according to Strava) switched to the Brooks Ghost 9 from my beloved Adrenalines and have loved them so far. When I first started, I had weak knees which led the store to fit me in a stability shoe. However, with 4 years of training under my belt, I’ve graduated to a neutral shoe! It took a few days to get used to the difference, but they definitely feel much better during runs.

The Philadelphia Marathon is only 92 days away, which means it will be here before we know it. Anyone else out there training for it? Let me know!