10 Things I’m Most Excited for in Disneyland

So, the countdown to Disneyland Half Marathon weekend is officially under ONE MONTH! (In fact, I actually leave in 24 days!) 


While I am a seasoned Disney World traveler, this will be my first trip to the park where it all began (as well as my first trip to the West Coast! Some people believe the two parks are the same, but those people are very, very wrong. I’m so excited to experience all that Disneyland has to offer.

Here are the 10 things I’m most excited about:

10. In-n-Out Burger

This isn’t Disney related, which is why it’s last, but I have been dying to try one of these burgers since I first heard about them. I’m already planning a trip to the one near property for my post-race meal.


9. The Matterhorn


Ever since I watched the Disneyland Sing Along songs video as a little kid I have been dying to ride this ride. Once I do so I’ll be checking a big item off my 6 year old self’s bucket list.


8. Meet and Greets


Disney World has had the same meet and greets for a while, but Disneyland has different characters, such as Oswald and various Marvel superheroes. Spiderman is definitely on my list.

7. The Cove Bar


I’ve been seeing pictures of this drink (The Fun Wheel) on Instagram for years and I am definitely planning on trying one for myself. I don’t even care what it tastes like, it’s so pretty.

6. The Races



This is one of the main reasons I’m taking the trek across the country! I’ll be running the 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon during the weekend, which will be a good warm up for the Dopey Challenge in January. The races are Pixar themed, and I can’t wait to show everyone my costumes.

5. Disneyland Churros


Supposedly churros taste better in Disneyland, and I may just have to try one of every flavor… good thing I’ll be running a few miles during the trip!

4. World of Color


I’ve seen all the nighttime entertainment at Disney World time and time again, so I’m really excited for my chance to see a show I’ve never seen before! World of Color utilizes projection technology and music to bring Disney magic to life. We’re doing the dining experience, so I should be able to have prime seats!

3. Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout!


I love Tower of Terror as much as the next person, but I’m also pumped for the re-theming the West Coast tower just went under. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews, and have tried to keep myself away from any plot spoilers.

2. Staying in the Disneyland Hotel


This retro themed hotel is not only the hub for all the race activities (aka the expo), but it’s the coolest hotel on property. Everything is close by, and I can’t wait to relax at the monorail pool in the middle of the day.

1. Cars Land

Cars holds a special place in my heart. I used to play the PS2 game for hours on end, and probably know Radiator Springs better than my own city. When they unveiled Cars Land a few years ago, I was mesmerized with how they were able to bring it to life. I have been joking this is the number one thing I’m excited for, but it’s 100% true.


Who else will be at Disneyland Half? Anyone have any must-dos that I left out? Let me know in the comments!