An Analysis of 2017 RunDisney Medals (So Far)

With the release of the Tinkerbell Half marathon medals announced today, I thought it would be fun to start a post on my thoughts for all of the 2017 RunDisney medals as they are released. I’ll keep this updated as more medals are released so we can enjoy the fun all year!

There’s been a lot of talk in several RunDisney Facebook groups I’m a part of about the new direction the medal designs are moving toward. For years, both the Tink and Princess medals were the same year after year with just a date change. Then, something clicked and RunDisney started designing special medals for each year. Here’s what we’ve got for 2017.

(Original post on 2/15/17
Disneyland Paris added 6/19/17)

WDW Marathon Weekend- January


These medals boast the same characters year after year. However, the medal designs themselves have changed over the years. Most of the RunDisney audience was confused over this set, but let’s take a look at each one individually.

Kids Races- The Mickey on this medallion changes every year, but I love the Sorcerer Mickey on this. A+ medal design.
5K- This is the first time Pluto got a metal medal instead of a rubber medallion, and the design was spot on for what this puppy’s medal should be.
10K- I’m not really sure why Minnie has a gear shaped medal… not super exciting in my book
Half Marathon- This was the 20th anniversary medal and the overlaid XX was lost on a bunch of people. Easily one of the ugliest anniversary medals RD has done.
Marathon- I love this one. I really hope the 2018 full medal is close to this one because I want it. The addition of ears to a classic medal design is perfect.
Goofy Challenge- Again with the gear shape? While the colors on this one scream Goofy, I’m not a huge fan of the design.
Dopey Challenge- This one isn’t super exciting, but Dopey is definitely the star here
Castaway Cay Challenge- This one is adorable and perfectly captures the spirit of the Disney Cruise Line.

Star Wars Light Side- January

For some weird reason, they didn’t release an image of all the medals in one frame for Dark Side, so I’m knocking off points for that. Overall, these medals do a good job capturing the spirit of the light side of the force while staying pretty modern.

5K- This one isn’t horribly exciting, but I’m sure it was a nice welcome over those rubber medallions.
10K- I love love love that BB-8 was the featured character. And it spins!
Half Marathon- This was a new take on the popular Yavin medal, and it was a great idea. A spinner with our favorite rebels is always a winner.
Rebel Challenge- Some people were upset about this one, but I love it. It’s a clean design that perfectly captures our rebel droid.

Princess Half Marathon- February


When these were revealed, I was actually a little sad I wasn’t doing Princess. The half medal is a welcome change from the same design they have used in years past, and the ribbons are unique to each distance. Obviously, the princess of choice this year is Belle, which coincides with the release of the new Beauty and the Beast movie perfectly.

Kids Races- I love that they chose Cogsworth for this! Lumiere got his own medal back in November 2016 for the challenge at Wine & Dine, so now it’s Cogsworth’s chance to shine.
5K- I think this one is my favorite. The 5K is usually a family event, so I find it fitting that Mrs. Potts and Chip are the chosen characters.
10K- This is the least exciting, but at least it’s still in theme.
Half Marathon- I love that they chose an icon for this rather than slapping Belle’s face on a medal. It keeps the spirit of the race weekend alive without screaming PRINCESS BELLE WAS THE THEME!!!
Glass Slipper Challenge- The design here is pretty close to previous years, but the ribbon is pretty.

Star Wars Dark Side- April


This is another set that received mixed reactions upon release. Again, I love the ribbons on these and think that as a set they are really cohesive.

Kids Races- Captain Phasma seems like a weird choice here, but okay. Personally, I would have chosen Vader.
5K- This is my least favorite. I love the color combo but the design doesn’t fit with the rest of them.
10K- The design on this one is a nice addition to the Stormtrooper silhouette.
Half Marathon- I’m going to need to do this one at some point if they keep doing a Death Star medal. I need a Death Star in my collection. By far my favorite of the set, it’s clean and simple.
Dark Side Challenge- They chose new bad guy on the block Kylo Ren for this, and again the design is nice and simple. The three challenge medals will look nice together.
Kessel Run Challenge- The detail on the ribbon for this is the best part. Otherwise it looks like past year’s designs.

Tinkerbell Half Marathon- May


This year for Tink, RunDisney partnered with Pandora to design the medals. They completely changed up the hideous challenge medal from years past and are starting to move away from Disney Fairies and back to a Peter Pan theme. These are my favorite so far this year, and hope these are a sign of stunning things to come later this year.

Kids Races- I love that there is a popular kids show that fits into the theme. While smaller children do like the movies, I feel like they’ll be more excited to get a character they watch on a daily basis.
5K- This is my favorite of the set. It’s gorgeous, I love the single tone, and the fact its Hook and Smee featured. I bet it’s even prettier in person.
10K- The Peter Pan theme is further solidified here, and the Lost Boys make an appearance on a medal!
Half Marathon- This is a completely different design from years past, and the Pandora designers hit it out of the park with this one.Β Normally characters aren’t quite this prominent on medals, but this is the only half marathon actually named after a character, so I think Tink deserves it.
Pixie Dust Challenge- This medal isn’t ugly anymore! And it spins! I’m actually kind of jealous of those of you getting this.

Disneyland Paris Half- September

(Added 6/15/17)

Okay, why are these coming out before Disneyland Half? I’m getting impatient over here!

Anyway, I’m a fan of these medals. Paris is in its 2nd year and is continuing with the classic, clean lines they brought about in their inaugural year. Also, all the ribbons go together nicely, which I love.

Kids races- This one is the weakest of the bunch. This does not look like a design from 2017 and severely lacks the wow factor that the US kids medals have.
5K- Does anyone else think this looks just like the Lumiere’s Two Course Challenge medal from Wine and Dine last year? Just me? Okay.
10K- Here we have the castle with Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather flying around. This is set in a bronze finish and really complements the half medal.
Half marathon- While this appears to be a reincarnation of the inaugural medal, upon closer inspection it’s been revamped to include a small 25th anniversary touch, making it just different enough that those who ran last year won’t have two of the same.
Challenge- New this year is the Bibbidi-Boppidi-Boo Challenge for those who want to run the 10K and half. The spinner seems a little out of place, but it’s still cute.
Castle to Chateau- This is also very similar to the 2016 design, but the ribbon matches the Paris set, which I think is a nice touch.

Stay tuned to the blog to see my thoughts on future medal reveals!


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