The Big Run

What better way to celebrate #globalrunningday than with a 5K? This year, Fleet Feet stores across the nation celebrated with a new concept: The Big Run. 

What is The Big Run?

On June 7, Fleet Feet Sports locations nationwide will hold a local 5K race. All results will funnel up into a national leaderboard to determine: who is the fastest runner in the country!

Wednesday afternoon, I got off work and headed straight to Morgan’s house. Since the run was an hour away and we still needed to pick up our bibs, we wanted to make sure we got there early. It’s a good thing we did, because we went to the wrong address twice before finding the place (thanks to the nice employees at the Roanoke Fleet Feet store). Moral of the story: don’t trust Siri.


After getting our shirts (which are Gildan soft blend- if you’re going to do a cotton shirt, that’s the way to go), we checked in with the Brooks rep and entered into the grand prize raffle- 2 entries to a Rock n Roll race and $500 to get there. In return, we scored some sweet sunglasses and chapstick.


I decided the day before the race to go for time and try to place in my age group. Little did I know that there were going to be 14 girls in it, but I was going to shoot for a PR if nothing else.

The race started downhill, which helped me set my fastest mile EVER at 7:43!

The face of determination!

Unfortunately, it was hotter than I realized and I couldn’t hold the pace I wanted. However, I did great until the final hill, where I clocked my slowest split. Nevertheless, I finished strong, despite being a few seconds away from a PR. I did set 6 Strava records and earn my Global Running Day badge, so I can’t be too mad 😉

Final chip time 26:18.4. Not bad for being in the middle of marathon training! Sadly, I did not place in my age group, but I was up against a really tough group so I’m not even mad.



Oh, and we got really sweet medals too! The ribbon has to be my favorite part, it’s covered in adorable running themed emojis!


After taking a few minutes to recover, I chugged a bottle of water, and we got food at The Lick BBQ food truck. I loved that they had food trucks at the end so that we could grab something and hang around for the awards ceremony.


Overall, I LOVED this event, and I hope that it becomes an annual thing. The field in Roanoke is insanely fast. In fact, once all the Fleet Feet stores compiled their times, the number one in the country came from Roanoke!


Thanks for the great race and great food, Roanoke! I hope to do it again next year.