Hanson Method, Week 5, April 30-May 6

Another week of Hanson marathon training done! This week meant the start of 4:30am wake ups, the last week on the track for a while, and an improptu rest day due to some (non-running) injuries and pains. It’s still early in the training season, so the rest wasn’t  a big deal. 

Sunday: 8 easy
Monday: 1 mile warm up, 4×1200 with 400 recovery, 1 mile cool down
Tuesday: 5 easy
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Tempo 8
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Long 10

This week’s tempo run went flawlessly. I kept on pace for a whole 8 miles, and feel great about my half coming up in 2 weeks. I’m stronger than I have ever been, and I plan on only getting better this cycle!

This week I noticed an unexpected side effect of this plan: weight loss. My pants are all too big despite the fact I eat all the time. Normally I gain weight during a marathon cycle, but this one is so intense that my body is burning extra fuel. Not complaining about that 😉

This week will bring a new type of workout: strength training, which means stuff like mile repeats. I see a lot of 4:30 wakeups in my future, but I’m still loving it!


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