Hanson Marathon Plan: Week 1

Well, I did it. I survived week 1 of Hanson. Even though I have the Blue Ridge Marathon coming up in less than 2 weeks, I’ve started training for my desired time at the Philadelphia Marathon this November. Blue Ridge is a bucket list, but Philly will be to see what I’ve got. 

Up until now I’ve run 2 fulls, but both were disasters. My first one I didn’t really train for, and my second I trained without really following a plan. For Blue Ridge I focused on getting mileage up and establishing a base. But now, it’s time to rock and roll.

When we were in Detroit for the RRCA Convention, we went to a seminar hosted by the Hanson Brothers, who I had never heard of before that day. Long story short, I sat through the lecture, thought the plan was insane, my friends fell in love, and here I am a week and a half into the plan.

I have to say, I still think the plan is crazy but I’m loving it. The main idea is to run 6 times a week, with 2 of those runs being hard workouts, 1 being long, and the other 3 being recovery runs.

Week 1 looked like this:

Sunday: Recovery 8
Monday: 1 mile warm up, 8×400 with 400 recovery between sets, 1 mile cooldown
Tuesday: Easy 4
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Tempo 5
Friday: Easy 4
Saturday: Long 10 (Plus 1 mile King of the Mountain race)

Now, this is the beginner plan, and I already racked up over 30 miles on the first week. However, “beginner” is a loose term here. They highly recommend having a strong running base, and even have a history of at least one marathon. Also, there are a few lead in weeks to this plan, but since I was already in the middle of a marathon plan, I skipped those.

After my first week on the plan, I’m tired. Not physically, just from waking up at 5am (or earlier) every morning to get my workout in. That’s another thing- this plan is not for everyone due to the sheer amount of time that it takes up.

This week is in full swing and I can’t wait to see what happens. I’ll be taking weeks 3 and 4 a little lighter due to Blue Ridge, but since it’s so early I can afford to do so.

Stay tuned to see what week 2 brings!


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