Blue Ridge Marathon: 1 MONTH AWAY!

How are we here already? It feels like just yesterday that I committed to running America’s Toughest Road Marathon, but in reality that was over 4 months ago. Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

My final “long” long run (of 20 miles) is under my belt, and now I just focus on tapering for a few weeks and then resting the week of April 22. I have a hotel room booked for the night before the race. Things are all falling into place!


Which begs the question… am I ready? I think so. More than likely I will be running the full 26.2 miles “alone” which will be weird since I have ran all my training runs with a partner. But, on a race course you’re never really “alone” so we’ll see what happens there.

Some decisions I have made since my last check in:

  • I ran 2 super long runs with my Camelbak, and this last one without. I don’t usually carry the Camelbak for races, and that decision was reinforced by how heavy it felt at mile 22. I’ll stick to on course water.
  • I got a new pair of shoes, and will have about 75 miles on them by race day. These will be the ones I will wear, as the pair I started training in are starting to feel a little worn.
  • I need to carry salt. I’ve been taking it during long runs and I feel like a whole new person with those electrolytes restored. The on course Gatorade will help.
  • The weather is still up in the air this far out, but I think I have my outfit planned!


For the next month I’ll be continuing to run and actively avoiding injury and getting sick. See you in a month for the final post in this marathon training saga!

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