Liberty University Presents: Seussical

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a stage show. Too long, actually. So, when my mother in law asked if I wanted to see Seussical at my alma mater, I agreed, albeit hesitantly. I was not familiar with the show, I’m not crazy about Seuss, and I had tried (and failed) to listen to the soundtrack multiple times. 

However, that hesitation was in vain. The show was great. Not the best I have ever seen, but I definitely left with an appreciation for the show


  • Casting was A+
  • The set was amazing. There were two zip lines, a hole in the stage for the Whos to disappear into, and tons of hidden surprises.
  • Additionally, the props were perfect.
  • Vocals were strong and also well cast. Sour Kangaroo was my favorite vocalist by far, which is probably why she was chosen as the vocal coach.


  • The biggest con I can think if is the lack of live music.
  • The photos on social media leading up to the show made it look like the costumes and lighting were really dark. They weren’t, but if I didn’t already have a ticket, that would have really put me off.








































































































































































































Favorite Character: Gertrude McFuzz

Favorite Song: “Alone in the Universe”

Favorite Scene: When Gertrude sings “All For You”

Sadly, we caught the last show, but here are some images from the official Instagram.

So many colorful characters!

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"If you open your mind, oh, the things you will find."

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If you’d like to listen to the Original Broadway Cast Recording, here you go!

Hopefully, I’ll have another show to report on soon. I’m not going this long without seeing a show again! If you’re in Lynchburg, be sure to catch a show at the Tower Theater sometime, you won’t regret it!