Blue Ridge Marathon Training Check-In, 2 Months to Go!

When I last checked in, I was about to run in a snow storm. This weekend, it’s 65 degrees and sunny. I keep checking the calendar to make sure it’s still February! I’m not complaining, though since this means more training in possible race day conditions. 

I ran 15 during that snow storm, and then did a 20 miler last month. After that 20, I felt really good. I even made the comment that I could have run a marathon that day.

Then I got the flu.

Earlier this month all I did for a week was sit on my couch and watch Netflix. I left work early one day, and called out for the second time in my life on another. That flu was no joke. I still don’t feel 100% when I’m running, but I’m getting there.

So that brings us to today’s 22 miler.


While I didn’t feel as great during this one as I did last month due to losing a week of training, it got done. I ran it with my friends Tom and Matt, and we went on a 22 mile tour of the city. It started with picking out our dream houses in one of the neighborhoods. At one point, we found a wallet that had a social security card and drivers license in it and proceeded to find a police officer to return it to.

Around 15 miles, all 3 of us started dragging. With the weather being hotter than it has been, we were sweating a lot of salt out. As luck would have it, I really needed to pee so we stopped at a McDonald’s. Matt is smart and carries cash, so he bought a sausage burrito (gross) and a small drink so we could chug some Powerade from the fountain drink. We also really needed salt, so he asked the cashier for “a lot of” salt packets. She gave us 3, which wasn’t enough. When he asked for more, I’m pretty sure she thought we were disgusting, but she handed us more. We downed them with water and Powerade, which was only slightly disgusting, but we immediately felt better. It’s not often that people can say McDonald’s saved the day!

The rest of the run was pretty uneventful, but I did find two lacrosse balls in the road near one of the local high schools, which I brought home to roll my feet on. I’ve had a set on my Amazon wish list for a while, but hey, these were free! 😉

While this run didn’t feel as great as the last one, I got it done and that’s all that matters. The scary part now is that there’s only a few shorter long runs and another 20 miler between me and America’s Toughest Road Marathon!

If you want to register, there’s still time! Use code BRMFRIENDS to get 15% off any distance!

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