Things I Forgot About Marathon Training

It’s been over a full year since I last trained for a marathon, and there were so many things I forgot about the process. Here are a few of the highlights:

The “Runger”


Being hungry all. The. Dang. Time. This may sound like a great problem since you’re burning so many calories on long runs, but you have to buy that food to keep yourself satisfied. And don’t even think about eating junk food to fill your up because that’s a one way ticket to gaining the dreaded marathon weight.

The Laundry


Between running, cross training, and yoga, I accumulate so much laundry. Add that into my husband’s work clothes and mine, and I have a #laundrypocalypse every weekend. I swear the clothes multiply once they’re in the hamper.



Every weekend I do my long run, shower, and feel great. However, a few hours later I’ll be trying to concentrate on a book and next thing I know I’ve been asleep for an hour. They’re sneaky, but they feel oh so good.

Being Sore

Constantly pushing yourself week after week means constantly struggling to get out of your office chair every few days. And don’t even mention steps.

Lack of Free Time

giphy (3).gif

A typical week goes like this:
Sunday- long run
Monday- BodyPump class
Tuesday- club run
Wednesday- run again
Thursday- Power Yoga class
Friday- Rest
Saturday- easy run

Throw in a full time job, being married, owning two dogs, and trying to find time to sleep and you get my life. I really have no clue how I attempted to train trained for my first full while being a full time student, working two part time jobs, and being married. When did I sleep? How did I do homework?