I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best at remembering to practice yoga every day. That’s why I love Instagram yoga challenges, they force me to take a few minutes to at least practice one pose. 

Last week I participated in Runners Love Yoga’s VISION challenge. The poses weren’t challenging, but I worked out hard every day of the challenge, and it felt great to take a few minutes to focus on stretching afterward. See below for my photos!

#RunnersLoveYogaVISION sponsored by @districtvision shows you how powerful your vision can be during your yoga practice! This 5 day challenge runs Jan. 27-31, and builds a sequence of poses where your gaze can help you to move more fluidly, stay balanced, and focus. Along the way, you can also choose to share your "vision" and goals for the days ahead! PRIZES: Winner gets a pair of District Vision running sunglasses (retail value: $199 — you guys, these are NICE!!!) plus $50 at @doyogarunfaster. Runner-up wins a District Vision crushproof, dustproof trail running case (retail: $60, currently sold out online!) + $25 to @doyogarunfaster. HOW IT WORKS: Before each night of the challenge, I'll post a video with the following day's yoga sequence. Then post your own photo or video of you completing that day's pose. Post every day to stay in the running, pun intended! To participate: 1. Repost this photo and tag @runnersloveyoga in your CAPTION so I know you're entering our challenge/contest! If you like, tag a friend who might want to join in with you. 2. Each day of the challenge, post a photo or video of you completing that day's move. Tag @runnersloveyoga and #RunnersLoveYogaVISION in your challenge post caption so I can follow along with your progress! Feel free to get creative with your posts too–get a teammate to join for a day, find a cool setting, or surprise us! 3. Be sure to follow @runnersloveyoga to see all the challenge videos. And tag any running friends who might want to join in here! #RunnersLoveYoga #doyogarunfaster #DistrictVision

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Day 1- Sun Saultation

Day 2- Warrior II

Day 3- Reverse Warrior

This is my favorite from the challenge! This was taken right after my 20 mile run on Saturday.

Day 4- Bound Triangle

Day 5- Triangle Variation


Featuring my dogs wrestling at my head