Fittest on Earth

One of my goals for 2017 is to watch one documentary a month. The main purpose here is to put my lazy long run days to good use. This month, I chose to watch “Fittest on Earth” at the recommendation of a friend. 

“Fittest on Earth”follows the story of the top athletes who qualified and competed in the 2015 CrossFit games. These athletes have been training for at least a year for a chance to compete, and don’t even know what the events are until a few weeks prior to the Games. The athletes covered are a well rounded mix of American and European men and women. (Personally, I thought the Icelandic guy was hilarious. He was my favorite.)

While I wanted to like this documentary and get inspired to cross train more, the whole film had a little bit of a dramatic reality show vibe to is. Honestly, it probably would have made a good reality show mini series, as there was some fierce cattiness and competition that could have easily been played up from that angle.

The part I did enjoy was the threads of “be the best you can be” woven throughout the narrative. These athletes took it a little too far to the point where a few of them broke body parts at the Games, but the message was still there nonetheless. You can go the extra mile, you can do the extra push up, and you can be a better athlete.

Rating: 6/10

While I wouldn’t put this at the top of your list, it’s definitely worth viewing if you have a snow day (like I did), or something fast to watch on Netflix.