What Do I Do With All My Race Shirts?

Fellow runners and t-shirt enthusiasts, you may be facing a problem. You may have an over abundance of t-shirts. Your husband (or wife) may complain every time you bring another one into the house. But, if you’re like me, you can’t let them go because each shirt contains precious memories you can’t part with. The good news is that I have a solution for you. 

Two words: Project Repat. (No, not repeat. Which is what I thought it was for the first few months I knew about this company.)

What is Project Repat, you may ask? Simply send them your shirts, and they send back a custom t-shirt quilt full of your memories. I recently ordered my second one, and I’m excited to share the results with you!

The Disney themed quilt I had made Summer 2016
First, let’s talk about why you should even consider sending your shirts to a company.

  • The company is American based with 2 locations: Fall River, MA and Valdese, NC.
  • The backing fleece on each blanket is made from recycled bottles. Each yard saves 23 bottles from a landfill!
  • You do have to pay to ship your shirts to them, but return shipping is free!
  • They move fast! My first blanket turned around way faster than the estimate.
  • The average American throws away about 65 pounds of clothing a year. Turning your shirts into a blanket helps keep some of this waste out of a landfill.
  • Check out their full story here.

Here’s a look at the process:

Step one: Order your quilt. You can choose the size that works for you. I had over 30 shirts in my “to be quilted” pile I’ve been working on, so I chose the Full. The ones that didn’t make it this time will be set aside for a future quilt.

Step two: Print your confirmation email. This will go in the box of shirts you send. This step is important.


Step three: Prepare your shirts. For my quilt, I needed 30 sides of shirts. I could either send 15 shirts and have them use both sides, or 30 sides of shirts. I chose 3o individual shirts. To make sure they knew which side to use (since a lot of race shirts are double sided), I cut the front off of each. This also helps save on shipping, since it cuts the  weight in half. 30 shirts can get pretty heavy. If you do this, ensure you are providing the amount of material they need to work with. I chose the 12 x 12 panels, and needed to give them 12.5 x 12.5 inches to work with.

All 30 cut shirts ready to be mailed!
Step four: Mail your shirts. They will provide the address to use. Use any box you have laying around, my first one was shipped in the box my bike rack came in, this one used a box from a Christmas present order.

Step five: Wait patiently.

Step six: In 2-4 weeks from the date they receive your shirts, you get your finished quilt back!

Want your own? Order through this link and we both win! [Affiliate Link]