Friday Favorites- January 13, 2017

This week: a Chinese video, leggings, and Star Wars.

This Video

I don’t know why it exists, but I’m glad it does.

Fabulegs by Melissa

I love LuLaRoe as much as the next girl, but finding the print you want can be a nightmare. And if it’s a popular one, good luck finding it for regular retail price. Melissa at Fabulegs has leggings of the same quality, in adorable and fun prints. The best part? They’re ordered straight off her website so no hunting is required. Preorders take place each month for the following month, so you do have to wait a little bit after ordering before they ship, but they are so worth it.

Star Wars Omnibus Comics

On my first library trip of 2017, there was a display of Star Wars books set up in memory of Carrie Fisher. I had read most of them, but the graphic novel series caught my eye. The Omnibus series is a collection of comics printed by Marvel in the late 70s. It’s full of non-canon stories and mistakes (like the fact Darth Vader and Luke’s father are two different people), but they are highly entertaining. The first volume contained the first 21 comics, and I have picked up the second one already.


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