Blue Ridge Marathon Training Check-In, 15 Weeks Out

15 weeks (104 days) from today I will be starting America’s Toughest Road Marathon.

Today, I should be running a 17 mile training run. However, there’s currently about 6 inches of snow on the ground and it’s still coming down. Hopefully I can get it in tomorrow, but if I can’t then I guess I will have to resort to a “shorter long run” on the treadmill and get 17 in next weekend. And here I was thinking that winter marathon training would be better…

In the meantime, I thought I would post an update about my #RunBlueRidge training. This time around, I feel much better about my training as compared to my last two marathons. I had a much better base thanks to all the half marathons I ran in the Fall, and am using the Jeff Galloway run/walk plan to hopefully have some energy for those hills.

At this point, my longest run has been 15 miles, and it wasn’t horrible. The last mile my legs were tired, but I could have definitely kept going. I ran that run in the rain, and it felt really awesome to get it done.

I’m loving the Galloway plan not only for the run/walk intervals, but for the fact that you have high milage weeks followed by low mileage weeks. For example, after I run my 17 (whenever that happens), I get two weekends of 7 being my long run. However, the week after that is 20.

My first marathon training was basically non existent (if I’m being honest), and my second I think I pushed myself too hard too fast and became burnt out by race day. I’m hoping that the easier weeks between the hard weeks will give me a chance to recover.

I have no time goal for Blue Ridge, so I’m working on just getting the miles in and doing strength training to survive those hills.

I’ll try to check in again in a few weeks, and let you know how the 17 miles went!


4 thoughts on “Blue Ridge Marathon Training Check-In, 15 Weeks Out

  1. I also do the run / walk method and it’s been a lifesaver on my marathons. What intervals are you using? I’ve been using 5:1, though I don’t strictly follow that during races, especially ones with a lot of hills – I like to take advantage of the downhill whenever it’s available!


    1. I’m also doing 5:1! I have a feeling those will be all wonky once I hit those mountains but I still want a loose guideline for those uphills and “flat” sections.


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