Friday Favorites- December 30, 2016

One last edition for 2016.


I’ve been lucky enough to have the whole week off because my boss is awesome. So I’ve tried to be productive this week. Ive dubbed it the staycation since I also included Netflix binging in my to do list. Here’s what I’ve been up to so far:

Monday- 15 mile run, grocery shopping, cleaning, caught up on This is Us, posted 16 Things I Learned in 2016, finished Rejected Princesses.

Tuesday- Body Pump class, swam laps, visited Goodwill, had dinner with a friend, read Confessions of an Unlikely Runner. Posted my review of Rejected Princesses.

Wednesday- hung out with my grandparents all day, ate lunch with my Nana and Mom at Blaze Pizza (my first time- I highly recommend it!), binge watched Grey’s Anatomy while working on some upcoming blog posts

Thursday- posted my L’Oreal VoxBox Review, did some yoga at home, cleaned my house, ran some errands, and saw Sully with my in-laws.

French Press


Back in September I found a perfect condition French Press at a Goodwill. 30 minutes later I dropped it and broke it. Luckily my mom came to the rescue and gave me a new one for Christmas and I am obsessed. I get it now.

NYX Concealer

I found this in a BuzzFeed article and figured I would give it a shot for $6. This stuff is legitimate magic. I have tried Mary Kay, Arbonne, cheap concealer, expensive concealer… everything. And then this little cheap pot of concealer comes in and saves the day. Best makeup purchase ever.


My current food obsession is clementines, and I’ve eaten at least 3 a day this week. I don’t feel guilty munch on them like I would chips, and the Cuties brand has a cute little sticker contest going on right now, so I’ve been saving them.


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