Friday Favorites- December 16, 2016

Christmas is approaching rapidly! This week I have finished almost all of my Christmas shopping and may actually be prepared for all the parties I need to attend next week. Meanwhile, here are the things I’ve been loving.

Pentatonix + Christmas Music

We’re in the single digits now before Christmas day and I’ve been listening to both of the Pentatonix albums non-stop. My favorites? White Winter Hymnal, Mary, Did You Know?, Hallelujah, and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. Yes, I am aware that 2 of the 4 are not “traditional” Christmas songs. Just listen to them. Accept it. They’re amazing.

Kroger Clicklist


I loathe grocery shopping. When I have free time (which is rare), the last thing I want to do is spend an hour going to the grocery store, wandering the aisles, forgetting my list and trying to find things from memory, stand in line, deal with rude people, etc.

Okay, it may not be that bad but I still don’t like it.

Enter Kroger Clicklist. You get to pick out your groceries online, set aside a time to pick them up (a day later), and you’re done. When your time rolls around, you pull into a special parking space, call a number on the sign, and your groceries are delivered and loaded into your car while you pay. Your Kroger card is linked, so you automatically get points. And, you can still use coupons. I’m in love.

I’ve used the service for 2 weeks now, and I’ve been told that after the third time they will begin charging a $5 service fee. I don’t even mind because of the time it saves me!

BONUS: I have a bad habit of impulse buying things I really don’t need and spending more money than I would like. By doing it all online a day in advance, I can review my cart and know exactly how much it will cost. Here’s to saving money!

The December Pokémon Go Update

Because it’s adorable. I love when apps update for holidays!



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