Good Morning, Race 13.1 Baltimore 

I think I may have a new contender for favorite race.

On Saturday, I ran my last half marathon of 2016. It was the coldest, my first race in Maryland, and I loved it.

We drove up on Friday night and stayed at the cutest Airbnb. I mean, check out this quilt!

The race started at 7, and race morning packet pickup was 6-7. We hit a little traffic and got there late (oops) but they were great about still letting us get our bib (also it might have helped that we weren’t even close to the only ones).

The rest of our pre-race time was spent staying warm in the car. Luckily we had a close spot and could stay in the car until the very last second. It was freezing out and super windy, as the start was just off the water.

Of course, while we were sitting in the car staying warm this crazy guy ran by in a tank top and shorts…

Once the race started, we made our journey around the Inner Harbor. The first mile or so was a little crowded, but that’s pretty typical. It quickly thinned out, and even though we were on more narrow pathways at times, I never felt crowded.

Running this race was much different (and easier mentally) from Star City a few weeks ago, since I had my running partner Morgan with me. Around mile 7, a lady who looked like she was having a very rough race stopped us and asked what we did to keep going during our run intervals. We just kind of laughed and said each other!

This was my 7th Race 13.1 event this year and 10th overall, and I have to say it was my favorite course by far. Most other courses have been on bike paths or greenways (and there was that stupid one on a highway), but this one was entirely in the city. I feel like I got a 13.1 mile foot tour of the highlights of the Inner Harbor area. Here’s a few pics I snapped:

Despite the cold weather, the race was very enjoyable. The scenery helped time pass, and I’ve always enjoyed colder runs over hot ones.

At the finish, I got both my finisher medal and 7x medal for doing 7 Race 13.1 events in 2016.

After a shower, we came back to the Inner Harbor to explore and eat lunch. For lunch, we chose Bubba Gump (since I hadn’t eaten at one before).

After lunch we went to my favorite Barnes & Noble, it’s in a renovated power plant!

Where we found some winter friends:

After that, we walked to The Gallery for a bit of shopping, and I loved their Christmas decorations.

I definitely would do this race again. I love visiting Baltimore, and the course was phenomenal. Hope to see you again in 2017, Charm City!