Friday Favorites- November 11, 2016

This week I’m introducing something new to the blog- a Friday Favorites series! Each Friday I’ll be bringing you a list of things that made me happy during the previous week. I’ve been thinking of starting this series for a while, but this week on the internet has been a little rough, so I think it needs some happy.

Here’s what I loved this week:

Smucker’s Uncrustables Peanut Butter and Jelly

I go through phases of being obsessed with foods and currently it’s these amazing pieces of magic. I rediscovered how much I liked them in Disney World last week and bought a box for my lunches this week. I also bought the peanut butter and honey ones. I haven’t tried them yet, but I’ll let you know next week if they make the list.

Origami Yoda Series


I don’t even remember how I found out about these books (probably Goodreads) but I checked the whole series out of the library and started reading them this week. They’re written for middle schoolers, but I’m loving them. They follow a group of middle school friends as they take advice from an origami Yoda finger puppet. They’re packed with Star Wars humor and references, but also offer up a pretty meaty story on how standardized testing affects kids. BONUS: The books take place in Roanoke, VA which is an hour from where I live.

Mannequin Challenge Videos

Especially this one.

Disney Emoji Blitz


I’ve known about this game for a while, but finally downloaded it when I saw it on an ad in a bus at Disney World. It’s basically Bejeweled, but with emojis instead of gems. You can unlock different emojis with different powers to help complete missions. The best part? Emojis you unlock are added to your phone keyboard to use in conversations!


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