3 Halfs, 3 Weekends, 3 States: Race 13.1 Charleston

This weekend was the second stop on my 3 halfs, 3 weekends, 3 states tour: beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. 

This was my first time visiting Charleston, and the city did not disappoint. We got there late Friday night, just in time for packet pickup. The Fleet Feet store where pickup was had a Whole Foods nearby, so we chose that option for dinner. Much better than when we ate Bojangles as our pre-race meal last week.

The shirt design… my new favorite!

The next morning we got to sleep in! The race didn’t start until 8, the latest I’ve seen a Race 13.1 event start. And since we had picked up our packet the night before, we got to sleep in an hour or so more than we normally would.

The race was held at Middleton Place, which was about 20 minutes from our Airbnb. The location was easy to find, and when we arrived we got our first taste of the “hard packed dirt” course and had to park in a field.

Since the race was Halloween themed, we decided to dress up as Team Rocket from Pokemon. I tried to spray my hair purple but it didn’t really turn out all that great.

img_0804 img_0805 img_0807

At least one person recognized who we were supposed to be, so that counts for something.

There were a bunch of epic costumes, but I think my favorite was Deadpool:


We knew the race was on hard packed dirt trails, but neither of us had really looked at the course map. As we lined up to start, multiple people were spraying bug spray on themselves and we couldn’t help feeling like we had missed some memo. (Spoiler: we wound up covered in bites. If you are reading this and hope to do this race one day, pack bug spray.)

The weather was humid. Disgustingly humid. Look at all that humidity.

img_0824 img_0825 img_0829 img_0830

It did exactly what you think it would do and melted all the spray dye out of my hair. We joked that my costume was actually Purple Rain (haha).

A Gator-aide station… Get it?

The course looked like this the whole way around. I wouldn’t exactly call it “hard packed” dirt. It was more like “sort of packed sand”. It made for a pretty challenging trail loop… that we ran 3 times. That’s right, this was a loop course. I really need to start looking at course descriptions before I sign up for things.

The worst part of the race was the heat and humidity. Once the cloud cover burned off we were pretty exposed and I got really hot really fast. Hot enough to where I didn’t want to eat. Which made for a really crappy really unfueled race. But Morgan and I did it together, and while I won’t say that we had fun exactly we did enjoy it. Maybe.

We don’t have a finisher photo because by the time we were done Morgan’s R had fallen off her shirt and my face was purple from the dye. So we just got our medals, drank some free juice (I had been fantasizing about orange juice for about 7 miles. That juice was heaven) and went back to our place for a much needed shower.

I did get a photo of the medal. It’s my new favorite!

Then, we got to do the really fun part and explore the city. First was lunch/brunch at Kitchen 208.

Literally the best breakfast burrito I’ve ever eaten.

Then we walked around for awhile taking in the sights and browsing in some shops.

Historic Library Society

At the suggestion of our Airbnb host, we took a carriage tour. Our horse’s name was Chief, he’s 18, and a Belgian Draft Horse. This was seriously the best way to see the city. Our tour guide was knowledgeable, funny and we didn’t have to walk on our poor tired feet!

img_0849 img_0850 img_0854 img_0858

However, we had two more things we wanted to see (Rainbow Row and the Pineapple Fountain) that weren’t covered in the tour so had to do a little hobbling a few streets away.

Rainbow Row
Rainbow Row
Pineapple Fountain
The view from Waterfront Park

At the suggestion of our carriage tour guide, we hit up Lowcountry Bistro for some She Crab Soup for dinner. 5 Stars. Seriously one of the best bowls of soup I have ever had.


Charleston was a gorgeous place to visit that was rich in history, good food, and great weather. I fell in love with it and am already trying to find a way to go back and explore more.

Thanks Race 13.1 for giving me a great excuse to explore a new city and knock out my 19th half marathon in my 3rd state!


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