DIY Mouse Ears

With an upcoming trip to Disney (in 15 days!) I’ve decided to do a few little DIY projects in preparation.

One of those projects was to make skirts out of sheets I found at Goodwill (future post on that to come), which left me with a ton of leftover fabric.

So, the only logical thing to do with that fabric was to make matching mouse ears.

Here’s my step by step guide:


1. Gather your materials. You’ll need:

  • Cardboard- I used a cereal box. This is a super upcycled project.
  • Fabric
  • A round object to use for tracing a circle (I used a mug)
  • A sewing machine, or a needle and thread
  • A headband (I found mine at the dollar store)
  • Scissors
  • A hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • Felt (optional)
  • Stuffing (optional and not pictured)
  • A pen


2. Start by tracing two circles on the cardboard. Cut them out.


3. Lay the headband on your circles and decide where you want the headband to sit.


4. Trace that area, we’ll cut these off later.


5. Trace your circles onto your fabric, giving at least a half inch around for a seam. Pick pieces of the fabric that are interesting.


6. Repeat until you have 4 circles.


7. Pair them up, right sides together.


8. Sew around the edges, leaving about an inch opening for the bottom. You’ll need to position your seam carefully if you are trying to align an image to be right side up.


9. Cut off those pieces you traced earlier on your cardboard.


10. Place cardboard into ear pockets. Stuff if desired. I had leftover stuffing from another project, but if you don’t you can use shredded up cotton balls.


11. If desired, cover headband with fabric, using hot glue.


12. Secure all loose edges.


13. I don’t have a photo illustrating this exact step, but you’ll need to close up the bottom of each ear by folding the flaps over each other and securing with hot glue. Then, glue each ear into your desired position on the headband. Be generous with the glue. If you want Mickey ears, you can stop here. For Minnie ears, keep going.


14. Once the glue has cooled and you can safely set it down, cut two pieces of felt or fabric. One sort of square and one small strip. These can be adjusted to your liking.


15. Make a bow by scrunching the larger piece in the middle and wrapping the strip around. Secure with hot glue. This is a horrible photo, my bow making got much better.


16. Glue bow onto headband. Again, be generous with the glue.

And, that’s it! Repeat as many times as desired. Happy ear making!