I Hate Marathons. So I’m Running My Third.

I did a stupid thing today and signed up for my 3rd full marathon.

If you’ve spoken to me at all since I ran the Marine Corps Marathon last year, you’ll know how much I have complained about that race. So much so, that I swore to not run a marathon during 2016. I tried it in 2014, hated it. 2015, hated it. This year, I was not going to put myself through the torture of training just to experience heartbreak again. 2016 was the year of the half marathon, with a Race 13.1 Season Pass being purchased, and a registration for my first RunDisney race(s) happening.

And then I became a Blue Ridge Marathon ambassador. 

I said I was only going to do the half, so that I could add another race to my #lj50by30 count. But then I got thinking about how this race could be different. The third marathon could make me fall in love with the distance (or at least tolerate it enough to want to keep doing them).

And then, I started talking to a group of running friends who have done the full before, and it was decided. I was going to take on 26.2 again. And after putting it off for almost a month, I registered today. So, it’s official.

Since this is my 3rd, I know what I’m dealing with. The constant runger, the lack of sleep, the constant state of hurt I’ll be in till April. But this time will also be a little different.

What I’m doing different this time:

  • Training in the winter months. My first two were Fall races, which meant summer training. I hate running in the summer. Give me a 20* run over an 80* run any day.
  • Not setting a time goal. One of the reasons MCM was so bad for me was I didn’t get any faster than my first marathon (but there were lots of reasons for that). I actually cried when the pacer I wanted to beat passed me. So, I’m going into Blue Ridge with the mindset of just finishing, even if it takes me 7 hours.
  • Training with intervals. After running halfs on an interval timer this year and feeling great at the finish, I’m going to try it for a full. The last two I could barely run after 16/17 miles no matter what I tried. Hopefully this will let me keep some energy in the tank.
  • Adding in yoga and strength training. Okay, both times I’ve said I was going to do this, but failed miserably. No more skipping leg day.

Here’s to hoping the third time’s a charm and in 2017 I fall in love with the marathon.

P.S. Register for Blue Ridge with the code BRMFRIENDS and get 15% off your race entry! (Any distance, no expiration.)