Super Stay 24 Hour Color

On Tuesday night, I got my latest Influenster VoxBox in the mail. Okay, I got 2 of them, but more on that later. This particular box contained 2 colors of the new Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Lip Color: Constant Toast and Keep Up the Flame. The experience I’ve had with lipstick is that it comes off with my first sip of coffee, and I’m generally too lazy to reapply. I decided to put this one to the test for a true 24 hours to see if it did what it claimed. 

Application is two-fold. First, you apply the lip gloss color. For this trial I went with Keep Up the Flame since it was bolder and would better allow me to see if it was coming off. Application of the gloss for such a bold color was a little messy, but not terrible. Second you apply the other end of the stick, which is a chapstick like topcoat. This must be applied because the gloss is super sticky without it.

Once I assured everything was good to go, I headed to work.

8am – first applied
9am – survived the coffee test!
12:30 – survived lunch
5pm- leaving work and it’s still going strong!
7:30pm – almost 12 hours in and still havent touched up
10pm – going to bed and still haven’t touched up
7am wakeup- it’s still there (the lighting is a little bad in this photo)
8am – used makeup remover finally. You can see how much of a difference it made!

While I don’t think I would ever actually wear lip color for 24 hours ever again, it definitely stood up to the 24 hour test. In fact, I may love these more than lipstick (don’t tell my collection of limited edition Covergirl Star Wars colors that). Not a single bit rubbed off onto my drinks or food throughout the day, and I only had to reapply the chapstick end if my lips started to feel dry. I may need this in every color.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


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