I Let My Husband Dress Me For a Week 

A few months ago I read this article where a BuzzFeed writer let her boyfriend dress her for a week. After reading it, I was inspired to try the challenge of letting Zach dress me for a week. Plus, picking out outfits day after day can get you stuck in a rut, and I’m always looking for ways to shake up my outfits. For some reason I kept pushing off asking him because I figured he would just think it was stupid and I secretly really wanted him to give it a try. Well, a few weeks ago I finally asked him and he said yes, much to my surprise. He actually might have been a little excited about it actually 😉 So all last week I wore the outfits he picked out for me, and I learned a few things about his fashion sense.


Typically, I lay all my outfits out for the week on Sunday afternoons. This saves me time rummaging in my closet when I wake up and prevents me from getting frustrated from having “nothing to wear”. While Zach agreed to pick out my clothes for the week, he wasn’t crazy about the idea of doing it every morning, so we decided to do the same thing.

Initially, I only had 3 rules for the week: all outfits had to be work appropriate, everything had to be from my current wardrobe and one of them needed to be a little nicer since I had 3 client meetings at work on Monday. However, after the first item Zach pulled out of my closet was a dress I had worn to work and a banquet on Thursday, we added a 3rd rule: Nothing could be anything I wore the week before. The one rule for me was that I had to wear whatever he put together.

I watched him lay out the outfits and kept my comments to myself, as about half of the outfits were things I would have never put together. He did pick out 2 dresses I had recently bought but not worn yet, so I was excited to have some new things thrown into the mix. After he had made his decisions, I photographed all the pieces together so I knew what went together and hung them up on my closet door, ready for the week.


img_0183 img_0184

Black Mossimo booties, red Old Navy Pixie Pants, top from H&M, and a black leather Alex & Ani bracelet

(I’m sorry in advance for the bathroom photos but it’s the only place in our house with decent lighting at 7am.) I would have never put this top and bottom together, but Zach chose this for my meeting day. After attending Liberty University for undergrad, I try to avoid paring red and navy when it’s not a game day. I hated this outfit laid out, but once I put it on, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. Not something I would necessarily wear again exactly like this, but I might consider it with a black top or different pants.


img_0182 img_0189

Black Old Navy Pixie Pants, teal Gap top, bubble necklace from Walmart, and sandals (???) from Old Navy

On Sunday when Zach was picking out the outfits and we got to shoes, he asked me where to look (I have my shoes in 2 places). I told him boots and sandals were in the closet, and flats and Toms were on the behind the door shoe rack. He started digging in the closet, pulled out these sandals, and placed them with this outfit. I was trying not to comment on his choices, but I had to say, “But, it’s September.” His reply was, “You told me where the sandals were…”

Aside from the sandals, this outfit wasn’t bad. However, I spent all day annoyed that I was wearing sandals in September and that my toes were cold. I might would wear this again, but maybe with those boots from Monday.


img_0179 img_0203

Frozen dress from Hot Topic, shoes are glitter Toms, Cardigan is Banana Republic, and a pearl necklace I’ve had for forever

This is the one outfit I just didn’t understand. I like all of these pieces individually, but together they’re just… weird. This is an outfit high school me would have put together. Never again.


img_0180 img_0212

Dress- Red Camel from Belk, cardigan from Target, shoes from TJ Maxx

This outfit was kind of a loser, but not becuase of the way Zach put it together. I actually loved these shoes with this dress, but would have never thought to put them together. However, the dress did not fit me well and I constantly had to adjust it throughout the day. It has a date with the sewing machine in the near future for some slight alterations.

Once it’s fixed though, I’ll definitely wear this again.


img_0181 img_0230

Dress from Live Trendy or Die, boots from J Crew (found at Goodwill!), and cardigan from Goodwill (brand unknown)

I saved my favorite for last (and it’s probably my favorite because it’s the sole outfit that I would have picked out myself). This was a perfect Fall outfit and included 3 of my favorite pieces currently in my closet. I hadn’t had a chance to wear the dress yet, but I would up going on a work trip that day and it wound up being just the right level of casual for it.

What I Learned

  • Outfits sometimes look a lot better on me than on the hangar/floor. I was skeptical of a lot of the outfits Zach picked out, but only wound up completely hating one.
  • While we still don’t necessarily agree on what colors/materials go together, I realize Zach does know a little bit about how to dress me.
  • I need to get rid of those grey sandals.
  • Sometimes you need to do random things to keep marriage interesting, like have your husband pick out your outfits.

While I enjoyed not having to pick out my clothes for the week, I also enjoyed seeing what Zach a) thought would look good on me and b) decided went together. Would I do it again. Absolutely. In fact, I may have a few more guest stylists in mind so stay tuned 😉


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