Resolution Run Recap

If the first race of the year was any kind of prediction for how the rest of them are going to go, then I’m in for one fantastic year of running.

This past Sunday I ran our local Boys & Girls Club Resolution Run, a 2 mile race in Downtown Lynchburg.

The race is held in the afternoon, and this year it was on the warmest day of the month! I opted for capris and a tshirt, but looking back I could have very easily worn shorts!

The course was a 1 mile loop that we ran twice, which included one lap around a track (the first quarter mile), followed by one giant hill, then a giant downhill, then another uphill, another down and then you get to do it all over again! (Or cross the finish line if you don’t die).

I set out to run this race as fast as I could. Sometimes I just want to finish, but to be honest I really wanted to place at this one (I didn’t see many other people my age.) I made the mistake of starting in the middle of the pack and spent almost the first half mile dodging people who were walking or jumping over small children who started out sprinting, but quickly burnt out.

Let me take this time to make a PSA: If you are going to walk a race that’s wonderful! I’m so happy that you are out there moving and experiencing the joy of doing a race. However, please line up toward the back. This isn’t just annoying, it’s a safety thing. Runners can easily trip over or run into walkers, and it could mean injury for one or both parties. So please don’t try to start up front!

The whole race I refused to let myself walk, even on the monster hill with a headwind slowing me down. I kept chanting to myself “It’s just two miles… it’s just two miles…”  and it seemed to have worked…

I crossed the finish line in 18:50, which amounts to 9:25 splits, a time I’m very proud of considering those hills. (True fact, I also kept asking myself why I still live and race in the Hill City for most of the two miles).

It came time for awards, and I didn’t have high hopes because I hardly ever place. In the 3 years I’ve been racing I had placed twice. Also, the age groups for this race were ten year gaps, placing the 20-29 year old together. They called second place for my group and I had a second of, “Wait… I passed her soon after the first mile,” right before they called my name!

Still a little stunned in this pic

Overall it was a great race, not only because I placed,but because I knew so many people there and it was for a great cause.

The swag was pretty cool, too. Someone organizing must know that runners have about a million shirts, and decided to give out blankets instead:

One of my life mottos is that you can never have too many blankets.

So, like I said in the beginning, if this is only the beginning, 2016 is going to be great.

It was only appropriate that my running buddy Morgan and I got a pic here with all the things we have planned!