Disney Fantasy Day 6: Another Day at Sea

I meant to finish these posts a few days ago, but I’ve been a little busy taking care of my new puppy! I’ll post more about him later, I promise 🙂 But for now, let’s start to wrap up the trip.

This day was really uneventful, sorry.

We were really tired from staying up past midnight the night before, so we decided we wouldn’t set and alarm or anything, we would just wake up whenever we felt like it. Sleeping in for me at home is 8 since my body is adjusted to waking up early for things like work and school. By some miracle we both slept until 10. Of course that made my stomach all sort of confused because that’s when I usually eat lunch so I scarfed down a bunch of breakfast.

Then we headed for the deck to lay out, but parts were actually closed because we were experiencing 30mph winds. Zach and I were lazy and used the spray on sunscreen, and he got a nicely striped sunburn after a few hours.

We took that as a sign to go inside and spent the next few hours watching Ice Princess and The Game Plan in our room.

After resting for a while, we tried out the Midship Detective Agency. Basically, you are given a badge and a map of interactive paintings around the ship and use the badge to solve various crimes. It was pretty cool, and very tiring, there were 11 decks with paintings, and we took the stairs everywhere!

Dinner was at Royal Court again, and the dress was semi-formal. There was a midnight premier of Maleficent, so we planned to look fancy in the theater that night.

This night I was pretty bad at pictures, but I’ll still give you the recap.

Appetizer: Herb marinated shrimp. Nothing special, they tasted like shrimp. At this point, all the shrimp tasted alike.

Soup/salad: Minestrone. Pretty much it tasted like vegetable soup without any chunks of vegetables in it. I liked it, but it was boring.

Main Course: Oven Baked Lobster Tail. While it was beautiful, I really didn’t like it all that much. I think it was the fact that it was baked, but it was tough and I had a hard time eating it. There also wasn’t much flavor.

Dessert: Banana Creme Brulee. I knew after the mini creme brulee a few nights before that I wanted to try this. It was absolutely delicious, even if it isn’t very photogenic.

After dinner we went to The Tube, which was an adults only area to watch a few game shows. They were very entertaining!

Then, it was time for Maleficent, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I actually kind of hate the original Sleeping Beauty, so I enjoyed the way they turned the plot around. But that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Like I said, not to eventful. But we had just been through 3 days of ports so it was nice to just sit back and relax. After all, we were on vacation!

Next Installment(s): Castaway Cay in Two Parts