Disney Fantasy Day 4: Non-Adventures in Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman was my least favorite stop.

Let me start out by saying the island is beautiful. It’s very tiny, but beautiful.



The waters were too shallow to dock, so the ship stopped a good ways off the shore and passengers were chartered in on tinder boats. The line for tinder boats gave those with on-shore excursions first priority with free loading tinders starting at 11:30. We took that to our advantage since we didn’t have any excursions planned and decided to sleep in and go to a non-crowded breakfast. It was definitely the easiest day to find a table!

While we were trying to kill time before getting off, we were looking over the balcony, and I took those pictures. We turned around and saw Donald and Daisy out on the deck! Their human friend brought them to come talk to us and Donald noticed my ring and pointed it out to Daisy. I told them that we were on our honeymoon and Daisy made a huge fuss over my ring. I told Donald he needed to hurry up and get Daisy a ring like mine. He didn’t like that very much.


When they announced the open tinder boats we made our way down to the gangway and on to the island. I snapped a quick picture of the ship in the open water.

Immediately I noticed that it was different than Cozumel. We were obviously in the tourist part of town and everywhere there were people bombarding us with offers. “You need a taxi to Seven Mile Beach?” “You want (insert tourist thing here), come see me!” I wasn’t a big fan, especially because we had just planned to get off the ship and enjoy the environment. There wasn’t much environment to enjoy.

We spent less than an hour off the ship and the only souvenir I bought was a shot glass for my collection to say I had been there (they’re the cheapest souvenir to collect!)

Back on the ship we again took advantage of everyone being off the ship and read by the pool for a while. It was nice to sit and relax in the quiet.

I added another character to my meet and greet list later that night: Rapunzel! (aka my favorite princess)

Dinner was back at Enchanted Garden, and the theme was “Prince and Princess Dinner”. Our napkins were folded in the shape of Tinkerbell’s shoes to add to the ambiance of the garden.




Our server Imade and his assistant Corrado were very entertaining while we were eating. Imade did magic tricks and Corrado gave us puzzles made from crayons to solve. This night he gave us one that took from soup to dessert to solve! He actually got on us for letting our soup get cold because he thought we were more worried about the puzzle than dinner. Truth was the soup was just gross.

Appetizer: Duck and Cheese Quesadilla. Not really what I would call a quesadilla, we actually kept referring to it as “the wonton” for the rest of the meal. Aside from looking funny, it taste delicious and was one of my favorite things I ate the whole week.

Soup/Salad: Baked Potato and Sausage Casserole soup. Honestly, probably my least favorite dish. It tasted like chili (which I hate), and didn’t resemble potato soup in any way.

Main course: Mushroom pasta. I was stuck between this and the steak when I ordered, but after trying some of Zach’s steak I was glad I chose the mushroom pasta. I’m just too picky when it comes to restaurant steak. The pasta was amazing though! The sauce was butternut squash and the two tastes went together perfectly.

Dessert: Banana Bread Pudding, by far my favorite dessert of the week. It was warm and sweet and wonderful.

When it was time to go back to the room we had an adorable towel elephant waiting for us:

Next Installment: One Love, Jamaica